Go to the special offer webpage to get your continuing education for less than anywhere else, ever.

Go to the special offer webpage to get your continuing education for less than anywhere else, ever.


Save Money, and the Planet, while renewing your license  


You are here from an offer sent to you by email offering to provide the required continuing education you need to renew your Florida license for much less than any other Florida approved provider. Other providerís claim to charge less but we really do. Our Internet course, if you do it now at $12.95* is the lowest price of any provider. We know because we checked before we sent you an email. This online course is easy, and fast and you donít pay until you pass the course. Why is our course less? We keep our course supper low to encourage licensed professionals to complete their continuing education on our eco-friendly website, run 100% on wind energy. Choosing our eco-friendly website to complete your continuing education is the best choice for the environment.


Choose the course you need from the buttons below. Cosmetologist, Full Specialist, Facial Specialist, or Nail Specialist Need the 16-hour course. Hair braiders, Hair wrappers or Body wrappers need the 2-hour HIV/AIDS course. If you have more than one license enter all applicable license numbers on the payment form and we will send the report for each license number that is issued by the Florida Board of Cosmetology. Please read carefully when choosing the course appropriate for your license type.



Click here to go to the web page for the 16-hour course for cosmetologist, facial specialist, nail specialist and full specialist license renewal                 Click here to go to the web page for the 2-hour course for hair braiders, hair wrappers, and body wrappers license renewal



You are permitted to do your continuing education any time during the two year license renewal period. In fact if your next license renewal isnít until 2018 doing this course now will count for the 2018 license renewal period too! The Florida DBPR has not started to collect the license renewal fees for the 2017 renewal period. You can do your course now at this low price and we will send the Florida DBPR an electronic course completion report for you now. The Florida DBPR will add the education credits to your records and when the Florida DBPR begins collecting license renewal fees for the 2017 license renewal period you will return to the Florida DBPR website where you can pay your license renewal fees online.


Florida law gives providers 30 days to send electronic course reports to the Florida DBPR but even at this great low price we will send your course report faster than any other provider company. We send electronic course completion reports 7 days a week. Our company reports your continuing education credits faster than any other continuing education company, bar none.



Please help me, stop using paper booklets We are offering you this online continuing education course at this incredibly low price to encourage you to do your continuing education on our eco-friendly web site, powered 100% by wind power. Help us help the environment and save the most money possible while renewing your license in the fastest possible time.



Florida Cosmetology Educators Online Inc. is an established state approved provider company based in Florida. We are listed on the Florida DBPR Approved Provider List found at myfloridalicense.com You can find us starting at the bottom of page 13 on the Florida cosmetology approved ce provider list. We only offer courses that are state approved, and that are valid and current. Because you don't pay or register until you pass the quiz you can't lose anything to open the course and course quiz and give it a try.


Fast, Easy, Affordable, Same day reporting

  • An established state approved provider since 2000.
  • Current and valid approved courses.
  • The absolute lowest price every any where.
  • Fast two day electronic reporting, typically within 24 hours.*
  • A simple 35 true or false question online quiz. 
  • Professional customer service.
  • 16- hour Course good for Cosmetologist, Facial, Nail, and Full Specailist
  • 2-hour Course good for hair braiders, hair wrappers, and body wrappers.


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Don't lose this web page. This special offer is available through this email offer only. You cannot reach this special offer web page from our home page. So bookmark this page now by saving this page to your favorites folder so you can find your way back to this great offer if you are not going to do the course now.  



Not renewing this year? Did you know that you can complete your continuing education anytime during your two year renewal period? If you renew in 2018 you can still complete this course now and it will be added to your records for your 2018 renewal requirements. Too soon for you? Open the page and save it to your favorites folder so you can get in on the savings later.



Got any questions, call us at 321-217-0554     






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It doesn't get better than this, I need trees. We put our money where our mouth is, and that is in the environment.

*P & H NOTICE: The company that processes your online course fee payment charges $1.90 for processing your payment on their encrypted and secured website so that your card information is safe and secure. When you complete the course quiz with a passing score of 75% or better you can proceed to the payment form. After paying for the program you will be able to create and print your certificate of completion instantly online.