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Course Title:

"2 Hour HIV/AIDS License Renewal Course"
Continuing Education Course #0007785 For Florida Braiders and Wrappers License Renewal

State Required Subject Area :              Total Course Credit Hours: 2

HIV/AIDS and Communicable Diseases …………………………….. 2

This course is approved by the Florida Board of Cosmetology specifically for license renewal of Florida Hair Braiders, Hair Wrappers, and Body Wrapper, to meet the license renewal requirements for 2 hours of HIV/AIDS training. An electronic report of course completion is sent to the State of Florida Board of Cosmetology to notify that participants that successfully completed this course are eligible to renew their Hair Wrapper, Hair Braider, or Body Wrapper License.

Do not take this course if you do not already hold either a Current/Active or Delinquent/Active license of any of the three license types just mentioned. If you are looking for a state approved HIV/AIDS course to meet the application requirements for a Florida Cosmeotology license or for a Florida facial specialty registration, or a Florida nail specialty registration you cannot use this course to satisfy the application requirements for HIV/AIDS training. If you are transferring to Florida from another state and are applying for a Florida license, if you previously held a Florida license that has since become Null and Void or if you are applying for a Cosmetology license, facial specialty registration, or nail specialty registration you need to know that the state will not accept the certificate of course completion for this course as part of the application process when applying for a Florida license.


Earning the correct HIV/AIDS course certificate needed to satisfy the conditions for licensure and the Florida Barbers license application process requires the successful completion of a board approved 2-hour HIV/AIDS pre-licensure training course that the Barbers Board approved specifically for satisfying the application training requirements. If a certificate of course completion is submitted to the state as part of an application for a license or registration that doesn’t come from an HIV/AIDS course the board approved for the license application process it will be rejected and credit for completing the (unapproved for licensing) course will be denied. Processing of the application will be halted until a certificate is received that was earned by completing a 2-hour HIV/AIDS Barber training course approved by the Barbers Board for the application process.

A common error is made when the certificate of course completon for a 16-hour continuing education program aproved by the board for purposes of license renewal is submitted with an appliction for a license or registraion. The error occurs by thinking the HIV/AIDS course contained in all 16-hour license renwal programs will meet the application requirement to complete an HIV/AIDS course and submit the certificate, because the state approved it and because it has an HIV/AIDS course contained within. This is incorrect thinking. This is not how it works and submitting a certificate for the completion of a program approved for license renewal does not meet license or registation application requirments. Consequently, in such an instance, processing of the applicatin is halted pending a certificate be submitted from a 4-hour HIV/AIDS course approved by the board specifically for satisfying license or registration application requirements for HIV/AIDS training. Because the board approves HIV/AIDS salon training for purposes other than the application process, applicants should be aware that because a course covers HIV/AIDS and because the board approved the course that any board approved HIV/AIDS course is acceptable when applying to get a license. If this sounds confusing it is because it can be, which is why an explanation is being given here.


Please Read Our Company 15 Day Refund Policy: Refunds are for course fees only. card processing fees for both purchase and refund of course fees are not returned when course fees are refunded. If you are not sure of which course you need for your license requirements contact our office before you proceed with any course. If you completed the wrong course and/or are not a listed licensed barber, cosmetologist, or do not hold a skin specialty or nail specialty registration course fees will be refunded up to 15 days from the date of course completion of the wrong course and only after completing the correct course with our company. Refunds are not given if you complete the course you need with any other provider company. If you have any questions contact us at the number listed at the top of this web page or email us, Thank you. Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's


If you have any problems email us, a “digital support ticket” will be created from the email you send. An email provides a digital record of the problem you want help with. The information in your email is saved in a database and becomes a “digital support ticket”. A “digital support ticket” is easily forwarded to the appropriate customer service representative designated to resolve the type problem you have encountered. This digital record of your request for help will insure that your problem is responded to promptly, and reduces lost or inaccurate information about the trouble you are having, thus promoting accuracy in the support service you receive. Phone messages can not be converted to a digital record, and can not be entered into the new “digital support ticket” system. Because messages taken over the phone, or messages left in voice mail can not be entered digitally in to the digital support ticket system, it is therefore necessary that requests for assistance be sent by email for a prompt and accurate resolution. Email's are reviewed frequently and are responded to anywhere between 1 to 24 hours.

Most questions asked are similar if not the same, so to save you valuable time a link that will direct you to a Web site assistant is provided below. The Web site assistant is prepared to answer all of the most frequently asked questions routinely received. It is a good idea to review the list of questions before you send an email, its possible your question can be answered immediately, making it unnecessary that you write, send, and then wait for a reply to a question you want answered. What many perceive to be a problem is found to be the way the process works. Answers to the frequently asked questions give information that will eliminate unnecessary concerns. They can also let you know when there may actual be a problem that needs to be looked into, prompting you to proceed with an email requesting a resolution to a particular issue you may be experiencing. Answers also provide information detailing current requirements for all license types, and application submissions. Even if you think you know what requirements you must complete, it’s still a good idea to confirm you are correct, and that there isn’t anything additional or new that you are also responsible for to be completely compliant with all license renewal requirements. It only takes a few seconds to listen and confirm that you know what all you are expected to do. Confirming you got it all correct can be done with a quick visit to the frequently asked questions page, where up to date information is at your finger tips. A short few minutes spent now, can stop you from making a timely mistake.