Green Customer Comment


We love mother earth, that's why we do not mass mail booklets. We have been around a long time but you have never seen our company name come to your home on a booklet that you didn't ask for. Why? Because we know people move, and don't update their address with the state until they renew their license. We also know that these courses can only be used by a licensed cosmetology professional, unlike a mail order booklet full of gadgets and products. We know that not all licensees use the booklets as many go online to complete their course because it is faster and easier than a booklet. We also know that there are several other providers that mail out the booklets and that even out of the licensees who need to complete the course and choose to use a booklet that showed up in the mail they are only going to use one of the booklets sent to them so 3 of the 4 booklets that show up in the mail will end up going in the trash even of the license holders that get the booklet and use it. We know how much of the booklets that are mass mailed are never used and the trees that are cut down to be processed into the paper used to make the booklets are wasted. Our company has battled with this issue for over a decade but with a conscious and caring mind we have chose not to jump on the mass mail band wagon. We cannot sell out our responsibility to our global ecological condition and impact in the name of profit.

Providers that mass mail booklets know that half or more of the booklets that they mail will go in the trash. We are not on the edge of a global crisis, we are in a crisis. So why would any provider mass mail booklets knowing more than half are going in the garbage? Well the answer to that is profit.

Providers that mass mail booklets knowing that many will not reach the addressee and even more will not be used even if they do get to the license holder but they mail them out anyway put money before the environment. You don't want to support that type of business, so then don't give them your money. Every time you use a company that doesn't care that a large percentage of the booklets that they mail out will land in the trash you support that type activity. It cost them money to send those booklets. If we all stopped using the booklets it wouldn't take long before they stop mass mailing them. That is our mission.

You have the power to make business change the way they treat the environment by withholding your money from business that are environmentally irresponsible and put profit before the environment.

I am willing to cut the cost of my online course as low as I can and still keep the doors to my business open for you to encourage you to stop supporting greedy companies that put profit before the environment. Using the booklet is not easier and it is not faster than completing your continuing education online. On the contrary, doing your ceu's online is instant gratification, something we all like best. You don't need that booklet like mother earth needs the trees. Don't let that recycled paper fool you, to recycle paper it takes chemicals and it releases pollution into the atmosphere, think about it, so the trees were already cut down but the chemicals pumped into the air were not.


Not to say these companies don't provide an acceptable continuing education service, perhaps their product is satisfactory. But they all mass mail booklets knowing that the other guy does too and that license holders can only do one course leaving the remaining booklets to line the bottom of the bird cage if that. We only send booklets out upon request and prepaid so we know that the booklet will be used. Because we care about what is going on with mother earth more than we do making the most money we can!