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Go green and save money. Only $12.95* gets you what you must have to renew your braider or wrapper registration without the need to complete training unrelated to your continuing education requirements. This course gives you what you need and nothing more to earn your eligibility to renew your hair braider, hair wrapper, or body wrapper registration. Upon completion of this course we send a report to the state electronically making it possible to renew your license in less time than through any other source. The online pages are designed to be easy to read and the post course quiz is straightforward with no trick questions.

The Florida DBPR will begin collecting liense renewal fees in the last week of July. You can do your required continuing education now at this incredibly low price and when its time to pay your license renewal fees you are all ready to go.

You are not required to pay for this course until you successfully complete the program. Florida law permits continuing education to be "Open Book" meaning you are permited by law to open the booklet and the quiz at the same time

Once you have successfully answered enough questions on the assessment to earn a passing score you are permited to pay and print your certificate of course completion

*NOTE: The company that processes your card payment charges $1.95 for processing. When you complete the course quiz with a passing score of 75% or better you can proceed to the payment form. After paying for the program you will be able to create and print your certificate of completion instantly online.
ELECTRONIC REPORTING TIMES: We will send an electronic report of course completion for you to the Florida Board or Cosmetology notifying them that you have completed your continuing education requirements and are eligible to renew your Florida license today within 24 hours of the time you pass the online quiz and successfully submit a course fee payment. .

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