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IMPORTANT NOTE: If your license expired in 2015 you are now in your second renewal cycle. State law requires that you complete 16-hours of continuing education for each license period, to save your license from becoming null and void you must complete two separate 16 hour continuing education courses, one for each renewal period totaling 32 hours before the next license renewal deadline. We make that easy for you here by offering two distinctly different courses, with different course approval numbers, both having similar short quizzes.

INSTRUCTIONS: Course fee is $12.95* for a limited time only. If your license expired in 2016 or if it expires in 2017 choose course 0007920 below, you only need to complete one of the two courses below. If your license expired in 2015 you need to complete both courses below to meet your renewal requirements before the 2017 deadline. If your license expired in 2014 or before 2014 your license is now null and void and you cannot renew a null and void license, which means you cannot get credit for either of these two courses. Persons with a null and void license need to re-apply for a new license, before changes in the law increases the required training hours to become licensed. If you have a null and void license you need to act fast or you may not be able to get another license without having to go back to beauty school to earn additional hours. Click Here If your license expired in 2012 or before.

Florida law permits cosmetology continuing education to be "Open Book" meaning you are permitted to open the post course quiz and review it as you work through the course sections. To complete this course in the least amount of time we suggest that you open the course quiz by clicking on the quiz button directly below the Open Book button and read the quiz questions before you begin reading the booklet. You can use the "FASTTRACK" method and apply what you already know toward earning your continuing education credits. You can do this by opening the course quiz and answering the questions that you know. If you pass with a 75% score or better you can continue to pay and print your course certificate.

Once you pay and print your certificate, we will process your records and send an electronic course report to the Florida DBPR for you. The DBPR will add the education credits to your records where they will be when it becomes time to pay your license renewal fees to the DBPR. The Florida DBPR will begin collecting fees in the last week of July 2017, return when the DBPR begins collecting renewal fees and pay to renew your license then.

COURSE NUMBER 0007920 COURSE TITLE: 16 Hour Continuing Education Course

COURSE NUMBER 0005535 COURSE TITLE: FLCEO Continuing Education Program

To open the online quiz click on the yellow button below labeled "Click Here To Open Quiz for Course #0007920".

To open the online quiz click on the red button below labeled "Click Here To Open Quiz for Course #0005535".

*P & H Notice: The company that processes your online course fee payment charges $1.95 for processing your payment on their encrypted and secured website so that your card information is safe and secure. When you complete the course quiz with a passing score of 75% or better you can proceed to the payment form. After paying for the program you will be able to create and print your certificate of completion instantly online.

ELECTORNIC REPORTING TIMES: We will send an electronic report of course completion for you to the Florida Board or Cosmetology notifying them that you have completed your continuing education requirements and are eligible to renew your Florida license today within 24 hours of the time you pass the online quiz and successfully submit a course fee payment.

If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader you will need to download it and install it on you computer. It is free and you can find it by clicking on this Get Acrobat Reader icon.