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This 4-Hour HIV/AIDS Salon Awareness Course is board approved to meet the license application requirements. Persons applying for a Florida cosmetology license, nail tech license (nail specialty registration), or an esthetician license (facial specialty registration) need the certificate of completion from this course to be part of their application documentation to be sent to the state. You can print the certificate online immediately after passing the quiz.

Course Title:

Florida Cosmetology 4-Hour HIV/AIDS Salon Awareness Course

State Required Subject Area :              Course Credit Hours:

     HIV/AIDS and Communicable Diseases ……………………………. 4

                                                            Total Program Hours: 4


Earning the correct HIV/AIDS course certificate needed to satisfy the conditions for licensure and the Florida license application process requires the successful completion of a board approved 4-hour HIV/AIDS salon training course that the board approved specifically for satisfying the application training requirements. If a certificate of course completion is submitted to the state as part of an application for a license or registration that doesn’t come from an HIV/AIDS course the board approved for the application process it will be rejected and credit for completing the (unapproved for licensing) course will be denied. Processing of the application will be halted until a certificate is received that was earned by completing a 4-hour HIV/AIDS salon training course approved by the board for the application process.

A common error is made when the certificate of course completon for a 16-hour continuing education program aproved by the board for purposes of license renewal is submitted with an appliction for a license or registraion. The error occurs by thinking the HIV/AIDS course contained in all 16-hour license renwal programs will meet the application requirement to complete an HIV/AIDS course and submit the certificate, because the state approved it and because it has an HIV/AIDS course contained within. This is incorrect thinking. This is not how it works and submitting a certificate for the completion of a program approved for license renewal does not meet license or registation application requirments. Consequently, in such an instance, processing of the applicatin is halted pending a certificate be submitted from a 4-hour HIV/AIDS course approved by the board specifically for satisfying license or registration application requirements for HIV/AIDS training. Because the board approves HIV/AIDS salon training for purposes other than the application process, applicants should be aware that because a course covers HIV/AIDS and because the board approved the course that any board approved HIV/AIDS course is acceptable when applying to get a license. If this sounds confusing it is because it can be, which is why an explanation is being given here.