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The cost of this 4-Hour HIV/AIDS is $68.99. This course is approved by the Florida Board to satisfiy the Florida Board of Cosmetology pre-licensing education requirements for persons applying for either a Florida Cosmetology License, a Florida Facial Specialty Registration (Esthetician) or Nail Specialty Registration (Nail Tech).

If you are a cosmetologist, a nail technician or a facialist holding an active license from an other state, working on completing the application requirements to transfer your license to Florida , or if you are a graduating cosmetology, nail, or facialist student and are applying to take the Florida Board examination to become licensed in any one of the three areas mentioned above this is the state approved HIV/AIDS course you are required to complete.

This course is a 4-hour board approved HIV/AIDS course. Completing this course meets Florida Board of Cosmetology license application education requirements for 4 hours of HIV/AIDS Salon Awareness training, which must be completed as part of the application process. This is the course you need for applying for a Florida cosmetology license or when applying for a Florida Facial Specialty Registration (Esthetician) or Nail Specialty Registration (Nail Tech).

Please Read Our Company Exchange/Refund Policy:
100% REFUND: We refund 100% of the charges for course fees paid for any course not applicable toward fulfilling the Florida license education requirements of the course participant, when we were contacted for instructions and we directed the participant to complete a course that was the wrong course for what their education requirements are.

FEE EXCHANGE: Course fees paid by persons who chose the wrong course without consulting us first, will be applied toward the completion of the correct course after the correct course is completed through our company if done within 15 calendar days. We welcome phone calls and emails from persons that need to know the correct course they should take.

Click here to read our entire Company 15 Day Refund/Exchange Policy.

If you are applying for a Florida license you do not qualify for a refund. Persons who complete this course who already have a current/active or delinquent active Florida license are permitted to complete the correct 16 hour course at no additional charge and the fees are applied to that course. If you have any problems contact us at the number or email address posted on our contact information page, you can access the contact information page by clicking "Contact Us" at the top of this page, Thank you.